The buttons in your Blackboard course site's Course Navigation menu are links to the various parts of your Blackboard course site. You can add, remove, rename, and reorder the buttons in your Course Navigation.

To add a new button, do the following:

  1. Log in to Blackboard Learn and browse to your Blackboard site.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, locate the Course Navigation (see Fig. 1).


    Fig. 1, Blackboard course site Course Navigation

  3. Mouse-over the grey plus icon  in the Course Navigation (see Fig. 1, noted with a red arrow) and select the type of button you want to add. Each of the options below will add a button to the Course Navigation.  
    • Create Content Area makes a new Content Area. Content Areas are places in your Blackboard site where you can create content items and content folders, upload attachments such as documents and video files, or post links to course materials and quizzes.
    • Create Blank Page If you are comfortable writing your own HTML code (or you have designed a web page in an application like Dreamweaver), the Blank Page option allows you to publish such material. 
    • Create Tool Link allows you to place specific tools (e.g., My Grades, Discussion Board, or Blackboard Collaborate) on the Course Navigation. Such links may also be placed inside a Content Area.
    • Create External Link creates a link to an external website on your Course Navigation.
    • Create Subheader adds a header to your Course Navigation. Headers allow you to group related buttons together.
    • Create Divider creates a horizontal divider line in your Course Navigation.
  4. Depending on the option you select, Blackboard will ask you for the name of the Content Area or tool link, course link, or external link. Type appropriate text in all required fields (marked with a red asterisk ) and click Submit.

    Note: Some buttons are hidden by default. If you want the new button to be immediately available to your students, click the Available to Users check box.

To remove, edit or hide a button, do the following:

In the Course Navigation (see Fig. 1), find the button you want to remove, and click its double-down arrow . A pop-up menu will display.

  1. From the pop-up menu, click Rename, Hide Link or Delete. If you think you may need a button later, then click Hide Link.
    • Hide Link makes the button's contents it unavailable to students, but does not remove it from your course site. Hidden buttons are still visible to the course instructor(s) and marked with a small  icon. If you may need a button's contents later, choose this option.
    • Rename Link allows you to provide a new name for the button. After clicking rename, enter your new name and click the checkmark after you have entered the new name.
    • Delete permanently removes the button. If the button links to a Content Area, this deletes the entire Content Area and its contents. Please be certain that you don't need a button and its contents before deleting it.

    If you clicked Hide Link, your button is now hidden from students (but visible to you, marked with a special  symbol).

    If you clicked Delete, your button and its contents have been permanently deleted.

Fig. 2, Course Navigation button options