1. Navigate to http://courses.missouri.edu (link opens in new window). 
  2. Click Request course site [LOGIN]
  3. Login with your single sign-on (SSO, sometimes called "pawprint") ID and password. 
  4. Verify that you are signed in as the correct user, and click the blue Continue button.
  5. In the Semester field, select the appropriate semester from the drop-down menu. If the semester for which you would like to request a course does not appear in the list, choose Other.
  6. From the Course drop-down menu, choose the course for which you are requesting a Blackboard course site.
  7. Choose whether you would like course numbers displayed in the title of your Blackboard site. Click Yes or No to indicate your preference.

    Note: If you choose No here, then multiple sections of a course may be difficult to distinguish from one another. If you're requesting only one section of a course, then this will not be a problem.

  8. Indicate whether you would like a new, blank course site, or if you prefer your course site to be coped from an existing course site. If you choose New, skip to step 11.
  9. If you chose Copy, the drop-down menu immediately below becomes active. From this menu, choose an existing Blackboard site to copy.
  10. In the Available Starting and Unavailable After fields, indicate when you would like the course site to be made available for students ,and the date after which you would like the course site to be unavailable to students.

    Note: The default availability window is from one week prior to the official start of the semester until two weeks following the deadline for submitting final grades. 

  11. If there are other courses you would like combined into this Blackboard site, select the checkboxes for any such courses in the Other Sections, Cross-Listed/Cross-Level Courses, and Unaffiliated Courses categories.

    Warning: This will combine all students in each of these courses into a single Blackboard site.

  12. Toward the bottom of the form is a list of other users who may be affiliated with the course listing in myZou. Use the drop-down menu to indicate what role (if any) these users should have in your new course site.

    Note: At least one user (usually yourself) must be given the Instructor role.

  13. If you have any special instructions, please type them into the Additional Comments box.

    Note: Providing Additional Comments will slightly delay your Blackboard course site request.