Before you can grade a Discussion Board forum, grading must be enabled for the particular forum. This will create a column in the Grade Center.

Enabling Grading on a Forum in the Discussion Board

  1. To enable grading for an existing forum:
    1. Navigate to the Discussion Board page
    2. Mouse-over the forum you want to grade. When the down-pointing arrow symbol symbol appears, click it to reveal a pop-up menu.
    3. From the contextual menu, click Edit.
    4. Skip to step 3.
  2. To enable grading for a new forum, navigate to the Discussion Board page and click Create Forum.
  3. On the Create Forum page, fill out the various fields (e.g., Name, Description, Availability) for your forum.
  4. Under Forum Settings > Grade, choose Grade Discussion Forum
  5. Type the desired point value of the forum in the Points possible field.
  6. Click submit button

Grading a Discussion Forum

  1. Once grading is enabled for a forum, a Grade option appears in the pop-up menu under down-pointing arrow symbol. Click Grade.

  2. A list of all students in the discussion appears. On the right-hand side of the page, click Grade for the first student in the list.

  3. All posts made by that student (both new threads created by the student and her/his replies to other students' threads) will aggregate into a single list for you to read. From here, you can provide feedback and a grade for the student.

  4. Click submit button to save the student's grade and comments to the Grade Center.