By default, Tegrity automatically publishes recordings for student viewing after uploading. You can change this default behavior in Course Tasks > Course Settings so newly uploaded recordings are hidden from student.  By altering Tegrity’s publish settings, recordings can either be published automatically after uploading has completed, or published manually by the instructor usingRecording Tasks > Publish.

  1. To turn off automatically publish after upload, Go to Course Tasks > Course Settings
  2. Uncheck “Publish classes after upload” to hide instructor Recordings or “Automatically publish student recordings” to hide student recordings.  Click OK

  3. Instructors or TAs will be able to see and play the recordings.  NOTE: Previously uploaded class recordings that were published are not automatically unpublished; you must hide them manually.

Setting Publishing options manually

  1. Select the recording(s) you want to hide or publish and select Recording Tasks > Publish 

Select the publishing option you would like.

Always: Allows the selected recording(s) to always be available to students.

Between: Allows the selected recording(s) to be available to students only during a specific date range starting on the first date through the last date. Clicking in the Select Date field brings up a calendar. 

Never:  The selected recording(s) are no longer visible to students.

 Click Save. The recording(s) is now publish or unpublished depending on your selection.