In accordance with the Division of IT’s security policies, a layer of security has been added when accessing specific functions in Tegrity.

Users who access Tegrity recordings or launch the Tegrity Recorder from inside Blackboard will not experience any changes.

The three routes where users have to authenticate in Shibboleth to access Tegrity is:

  1. Directly accessing the Tegrity Recording software on a computer. 
     When opening the Tegrity Recorder from the System Tray, Internet Explorer will open, the user will login with her PawPrint, and then the Tegrity Recording will open.  
     Opening the Tegrity Recorder from the Applications Folder or a shortcut on the Dock, Safari will open, the user will log in with her PawPrint, and then the Tegrity Recorder will open.
  2. Clicking on a Class Link that an instructor created to a specific Tegrity recording. Many instructor use the Tegrity Actions menu to create a Class Link to a specific recording and then post the link in the corresponding Blackboard course.  When a student clicks on the link in Blackboard, a page opens in the web browser, the student logs into Shibboleth and then the recording loads.
    NOTE:  Links that have created as anonymous WILL NOT require a login and will remain public.
  3. Logging in to The user will be redirected to log into Shibboleth and then Tegrity will open. 
    Administrators and HelpDesk users will need to bypass the Shibboleth login at
Locally created Blackboard IDs (underscore IDs) will not work in Shibboleth.