A quick ET@MO introduction to VoiceThread. Click here for a full screen experience.

Introducing VoiceThread

VoiceThread is an application integrated with Blackboard that allows users to create presentations, post comments, and share content.


• Upload various types of media like PowerPoint presentations, photos, and videos


• Post audio, video, or text comments
• Allow students to also post comments


• Can be shared with a course, group, or individual

Common VoiceThread Uses

Mini Lectures

• Create a presentation with various types of comments further explaining topics
• Easily re-use the lecture from one semester to the next
• Simplified editing (rearrange slides, edit audio & video)
• Add short video clips
• Annotate slides as you are recording audio


• Create various types of assignments
• Integrated directly with Blackboard grade book for streamlined grading
• Assignments can include creating a VoiceThread, commenting on a VoiceThread, or watching a VoiceThread

Collaboration and Group Discussion

• Multiple people can edit and post comments on a single VoiceThread
• View content and then respond to it either verbally or with text
• Respond to other people’s comments

For instructor support email: voicethread@missouri.edu

For more information and help visit: http://bit.ly/1wm62tL

You may also find some inspiration by browsing the library of VoiceThread examples located here.