1. In a content area, choose Turnitin Direct Assignment from the Assessments menu. (See Fig. 1)

    Figure 1: Click the Turnitin Direct Assignment link.

  2. In the ASSIGNMENT DETAILS section (See Fig. 2), assign a name, description (instructions), score, number of parts (controls number of documents that may be uploaded), grade, and dates.
    • Start Date is the date when students can see the assignment
    • Due Date is the date when assignment must be submitted
    • Post Date is the date when instructor comments and originality report are displayed to student

    TIP: If you want students to see reports before the due date, set the Post Date to the date and time on which you wish students to be able to see reports.

  3. Figure 2: ASSIGNMENT DETAILS section.

  4. In the ADVANCED ASSIGNMENT OPTIONS section, you can leave settings as default unless:
    • If you want students to view the report, set Students view orginality reports to "Yes." (We recommend this in order to educate students about appropriate citation and allow them to revise their work before a final submission.)
    • If using as a draft assignment, change the Paper Repository option to “No Repository.”
    • If auto-checking of spelling and grammar is desired, set Enable e-rater grammar check to “Yes” and choose settings.

    To prevent the Originality Report from matching common phrases, enable Exclude Small Matches by word count and set to a value around 5.

  5. Click Submit