A basic evaluation is the MoCAT default survey with 18 questions covering teaching issues identified as important to students.

  1. Log in at https://mocat.missouri.edu with your PawPrint ID and password.
  2. Click Send Basic Evaluation on the Main Menu. See Fig. 1.

    Send Basic Evaluation
    Fig. 1: Send a Basic Evaluation

  3. Type your course’s class number in the Class Number field. If you don't know the class number,  search for it in the Look Up Class Number link. See Figure 2 below.

    Fig. 2: Look Up Class Number link.

  4. Click the Create Survey button.

  5. Type Yes in the text field to confirm you are the instructor of record  and click the Confirm button. If you are not the instructor for this course, click the Cancel button.

  6. Quickly check the names of the students on the resulting page to make sure they are students in your class. If you would like to use the same

    survey for additional sections of this course, click on the Add link under the section labeled Add Additional Sections.

  7. Decide when you would like the survey to be deployed (by default the current date will appear in the Deployment Date window). Click on the calendar icon beside the window to select a different date for deployment.
  8. Decide when you would like the survey to end and enter the date in the Closing Date window. One to two weeks from the deployment date is the recommended period for most surveys. The calendar icon beside the window is another way to identify the date you want.

  9. Click the Deploy button to activate your survey. An e-mail containing a link to the web survey will be sent to your students on the deployment date. Each student will only be able to complete the survey one time. Surveys will no longer be accepted after the closing date.