Instead of sending a basic survey, you can create a custom survey with personalized instructions for students and with your own questions. As an added resource to help with those steps, check out the Help links available in the upper right corner of each MoCAT section.

  1. Log in to MoCAT with your ID and Password.
  2. Click Create Custom Evaluation on the Main Menu.
  3. Type your course’s class number into the Class Number field (OR click on the Look Up Class Number link, select a curriculum link, in the drop-down box click the “Select” link next to your course - this places your class number in the “Reference Number” box).
  4. Click the Add Survey button.
  5. Type Yes in the resulting box to confirm you are the instructor of record, and click the Confirm button. If you are not the instructor for this course, then click the Cancel button.

  6. You will be provided with a list of various custom survey questions based on possible course characteristics (e.g. writing intensive, Honors College, reading and discussion-based, online or classroom technologies). Each includes up to 12 default questions; click on Preview to review the questions.
  7. Select the course characteristics which apply to your course. Click on the Finish Adding button.

  8. The copy of your customized survey will appear – ready for any additional changes you may wish to make. You will then have the option to view, edit, or delete any of the pre-selected questions, as well as add new questions that you write.

  9. Other options in this first Survey Information section include:

    • Scroll Down to Customize – scrolls you lower on the page where you can Customize Your MoCAT Survey Questions.
    • Proceed to Deploy Survey – distributes the completed survey to your class (once this step is completed, the survey can no longer be modified)
  10. If you want to make additional changes to the survey, proceed to the section, Customize Your MoCAT Survey Questions. You will be given the option to make additions (new questions or section headings), edit current questions, remove current questions, set a question default type, or change the order of questions.