To download student assignment submissions one at a time

  1. Go to the Grade Center area of your Control Panel. Click Grade Center.
  2. Click Full Grade Center (See, Fig. 1).

    Fig. 1, Full Grade Center link.
  3. If any of your students have submitted an assignment that needs to be graded, a  will appear in the column for that assignment.
  4. Hover, with your mouse, over the first student’s assignment cell, with an icon , that you would like to grade. Click on  icon. Then click on View Grade Details.
    4. When the document preview appears, find and click the Download button 

     to download a copy of the assignment submission.

To download student assignment submissions all at one time into a .zip file

  1. From your Control Panel click Grade Center and Full Grade Center from the expanded menu (See Fig. 1).
  2. Find the title of the assignment in the column header.
  3. Click the down arrow icon next to the column title.
  4. Select Assignment File Download
  5. On the page that appears, you can pick any or all papers to download.
  6. Click Submit
  7. Wait for Blackboard to generate the file, then, click on its link. This will download the files in zipped format. Unzip them for viewing and grading.

To add grades and upload graded papers, See Grading Assignments in Blackboard in the Assignment Tool Category.