To create an assignment in your Blackboard course use the following steps:

  1. Make sure that Edit Mode in the upper right hand corner is turned On.
  2. Click the Assessments button and choose Assignment (See Fig. 1)

    Fig. 1
    , Assignment menu

  3. Specify the name of the assignment.
  4. Choose to change the color of the link to the assignment if you like.
  5. In the Instructions text box, give your students detailed instructions on how to complete the assignment and what you expect from them. Include the naming convention for the file name, and the type of file.
  6. Click the Browse button to Attach local file. This allows you to upload files of almost any type for students to download. If no name is supplied in the Name of Link to File box, the file name itself will be used as a title. Note that more than one file may be attached to an assignment. Suggestion: If you do change the title, make sure to identify what kind of file it is by adding a .doc or .pdf so that the students know what they are opening.
  7. Enter the points for the assignment.
  8. Make it available to users (make it unavailable only if you do not wish students to see it), track the number of views, or to release it to students only on within a specific range of dates. Make sure to check the boxes to make sure the due date is enforced. These are the dates and times that will limit the students access to an assignment.
  9. Enter the due date for your assignment - this date will not restrict access to the assignment but will still show when the assignment is due.
  10. Choose how you would like the students to receive the assignment. Individually, or by group.
  11. Click the Submit button.