These instructions have been tested with GoodReader (, Eurosmartz Print n Share (, and Pages ( It should work with the rest of the iWorks apps and most of the Eurosmartz products. It should work in a similar manner for most other apps that allow WebDAV uploads. Not all apps that support WebDAV on the iPad support uploads. (Note that multiple file uploads sometime fail, so it is best to do one at a time.)

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Open your Blackboard course in Safari or another browser on the iPad
  2. Open the Files area of your course from the Control Panel.
  3. Click on "Setup Web Folder" and copy the highlighted URL for current web address.
  4. Past this into a note for later reference if necessary.
For GoodReader
  1. The first time you use this, click on Connect to Servers, click Add, and choose Any WebDAV Server.
  2. Fill in the first four fields, pasting the WebDAV address into the URL field.
  3. Click Add
  4. Once this is set up, you may simply tap on the server name in the list to open the server.
  5. Once the directory from Blackboard loads in the pop-up window, click Upload and browse to the desired files.
  6. Select the files and click Upload Files
For Pages
  1. In the file browser, hold down the desired document until the documents begin vibrating and a yellow frame appears around the selected document.
  2. Tap the share icon at teh upper left and select WebDAV
  3. Enter the URL, username, and password.
  4. Choose the export file format (Pages, PDF, or Word).
  5. The file listing for Blackboard will open. You then need to browse to the desired folder and click Copy to upload the file.
(Note: Pages will retain the information for the WebDAV server until you click Sign Out.)

For Eurosmartz Print n Share

  1. The first time you use this, you will need to set up the connection.
  2. Choose Places, then click the plus sign in the upper right corner and select WebDAV
  3. Enter your Blackboard username and password, the URL copied from the Blackboard File Manager, and a name for the WebDAV connection (e.g. "Theatre 4005").
  4. Click the Test button at the lower right. If all is working properly, a green checkmark will appear after a moment.
  5. Click Places and then Documents to return to the main menu.
  6. Once the connection has been set up, you may move files to Blackboard for the Print n Share file manager by:
    1. Checking the box(es) for the desired file(s).
    2. Select Export from the Action menu (the square box icon with three lines inside a solid triangle below).
    3. Choose the WebDAV session you created above.
    4. Click on a folder in the WebDAV window and wait for the upload to complete.

Finishing Up

Once the file(s) have been uploaded, log into Blackboard through Safari. You should be able to use the Add Files and Add Item tools to deploy the content to students by choosing "Browse Course" rather than "Browse My Computer".

It is also possible to download files from Blackboard in this manner, thought it is often easier to do so through the regular Blackboard interface in the web browser.