Students and instructors can access their VoiceThreads using the VoiceThread mobile app.

  1. You must have access to a VoiceThread link in a Blackboard course.
  2. Install the VoiceThread app from the Apple Store (it’s free).
  3. Launch the VoiceThread App.
  4. Choose edit and type in “Missouri”.

  5. Type in your Mizzou Email address in the box.

  6. Tap on the password box.
  7. Now a button will popup that says “University of Missouri – Columbia”


  8. Tap the button.
  9. You will be forward to the Blackboard login page.

  10. Login.
  11. Tap on your Blackboard course.
  12. Tap on your VoiceThread link.

  13. Once you’ve done this, the app should open and allow you to create/view content