To allow students to edit ALL of their published posts in the Discussion Board, you will need to repeat this process for every forum.

  1. Open the Discussion Board tool in your Blackboard site, and look at the full list of all forums (the first page to appear when you click the Discussion Board tool link).
  2. Mouse-over the forum in which you want to allow students to edit their posts. A small gray circle will appear next to the forum name, with a downward-pointing arrow inside it. Click the downward-pointing arrow. A pop-up menu will appear.
  3. From the pop-up menu, click Edit. The Edit Forum page will display.
  4. On the Edit Forum page, scroll down to section 3, Forum Settings.
  5. Under this section, click the check-box for Allow Author to Edit Own Published Posts (see Fig. 1).

  6. Fig. 1, Allow Author to Edit Own Published Posts option

  7. Click Submit. Your students will now be able to edit their own posts publishing them.