Allowing subscriptions to threads and forums lets users opt to receive an email every time a post is made to a forum or thread to which they have subscribed.

Users cannot subscribe to threads or forums unless an instructor goes through this process.

  1. Navigate to the Discussion Board tool home page (see Fig. 1).
  2. Mouse-over the link to the forum you want to edit, and click the  symbol to display a pop-up menu.
  3. From the pop-up menu, click Edit. The Edit Forum page will display.
  4. Scroll down to the Forum Settings section of the page, and notice the Subscribe options:
  • (Optional) To allow subscription to threads within this forum, click Allow members to subscribe to threads.
  • (Optional) To allow subscription to the whole forum, click Allow members to subscribe to forum.
  • For either option, you should indicate whether users will receive the entire message body of a new post or just a link to the post. Most subscribers prefer to see the entire message.