The interface for typing content into Blackboard, called the  Visual Editor, will be the same whether you are adding comments to an  assignment submission, posting to the discussion board, or creating an entry in  a blog or wiki. The Visual Editor allows you to format text in Blackboard without writing your own HTML or copying and pasting from a word processing document.

  1. Use these buttons to add bold, italics, or underline  to your text.
  2. Change the font face or size.
  3. Change the color of your font.
  4. Create a bulleted or numbered list.
  5. Run spell check.
  6. Add or remove a hyperlink.
  7. The button will bring up a help menu explaining the buttons within the content area.
  8. Click the button to expand the content editing options. The expanded toolbar will look like the one below.

The additional buttons provide the following functions:

  • Cut, copy, or paste text
  • Add subscript or superscript to text
  • Add special symbols or characters
  • Attach a file
  • Insert an image or a video
  • Insert a mathematical formula
  • Insert a table
  • Add a “Mashup,” which can include an image or  video from Flickr, YouTube, or Kaltura.
  • Switch the view to HTML and insert your content  directly into the code view