Unlike many of the tools in Blackboard, the submissions and evaluations are not viewed through the Grade Center. Instead, instructors access them through the Self and Peer Assessment Tool in the Control Panel list of Course Tools. Each assessment is shown as a separate item, with its title, instructions, and end dates. To access the submissions, evaluations, and results click on the gray arrow and choose which you would like to see.

For each assessment, there are three top-level items:

  • Submissions - view, download, and check completion status (for students) of submissions for the assessment.
  • Evaluations - view, download, and check completion status (for students) of evaluations for the assessment.
  • Results - view, download, and transfer detailed results to the Grade Center. NOTE: No scores or details will be available in the Grade Center or My Grades until results have been transferred.


There are four basic ways to use the Submissions display:

  1. To quickly see which students completed (or have not started) the submission portion of the assignment, click the "Completed" title to sort by that criteria. The status may also be seen at a glance without filtering by looking at the Completed column (a red X indicates an incomplete submission, while a green checkmark indicates a completed one) and at the number of questions completed in the Question Responses column.
  2. Download all of the submissions as a zipped file by clicking Download All.
  3. Download zipped files of individual submissions by clicking the gray arrow next to their name and choosing Download Submission (See Fig. 1).
  4. View the submission inline by clicking the View Submission button in a given student's row (See Fig. 1).

Fig. 1, Viewing student submissions


The Evaluation display is very similar to the Submission display. The major differences are:

  1. The display grid shows both the name of the evaluator, and who that student has been assigned to evaluate, along with summaries of the points assigned and the status of any self-evaluations required (See Fig. 2).
  2. Download All produces a zip with three Excel spreadsheets summarizing points awarded on questions, criteria, and a summary.
  3. Individual Download Evaluation (via gray arrow) produces an html file of the summary.
  4. The View Evaluation option (via gray arrow) produces a display summarizing the points and comments for each question by each evaluator.

Fig. 2, Viewing student evaluations


The Results display is in many ways a hybrid of the other two and may be the most useful.

  1. A button, Send Results to Grade Center, transfers the average of all evaluations for each student to the Grade Center. An optional check box allows the points possible for the Grade Center column to update automatically.
  2. The display grid shows averages, whether the results have been sent to the Grade Center, the self-evaluation status, and how many evaluations have been carried out for each student (See Fig. 3).
  3. Download All produces a summary spreadsheet including a column indicating whether or not a self-evaluation was performed.
  4. Download Result (via gray arrow) for each student produce an html page with summary information and a display of each evaluation.
  5. View Result (via gray arrow) produces a display summarizing the points and comments for each question by each evaluator.

Fig. 3, Viewing student results