There are a few things that you should think about when getting ready to use the Self and Peer Assessment tool in Blackboard. The main purpose of this tool is to allow students to evaluate each other’s work and, their own, by supplying them with the questions and criteria to work from.

Self and Peer Assessment can satisfy a number of different roles, particularly when used in conjunction with other tools. These include:

  • Using self assessment to have students reflect on a specific subject or project
  • Evaluating presentations or other work by other students
  • Reinforcing key concepts through reflective writing
  • Peer evaluating drafts as part of an interactive writing process

Please first consider what you will be expecting from your students. What do you want them to submit, what questions will they answer, how many peer evaluations will they do, and what criteria will be be responding to in those evaluations. Formulating your assignment into an outline form previous to creating it in Blackboard will keep the process clear in your mind when you take that next step. Additionally, if you plan on your students doing anonymous peer evaluations there are other things you must keep in mind.

Advanced Planning

  1. What is it that you would like your students to submit? How would you like the students to evaluate each other’s work? What questions will they be responding to and what are the criteria for answering those questions correctly?
  2. Determine the due dates for the student submissions and their evaluations. These dates and times may NOT overlap. They are distinct. The student will upload their submissions and then come back later on to complete the evaluations. Once the second time period has elapsed Blackboard will calculate each students grade based on the evaluations they received.
  3. Once you have the assignment clarified and the dates chosen go to your Blackboard course and create the assignment.

Basic Blackboard Steps

  1. Create the Self and Peer Assessment and set up the assessment's properties.
  2. Create the Questions for the assessment. This is what the students will be submitting for evaluation by their peers.
  3. Create the Criteria for each Question. These Criteria are what the students will use to properly evaluate other's work.
  4. Evaluate and review your student's submissions and evaluations.

Example Instructions to Students

Read the assigned article and write a summary essay on that article. You will be required to upload your document to answer Question 1. You should upload your essay with the file format name of essay1_lastname. Note: You will only need to upload your file once.

When completing the evaluations the Criteria will address the content, format, and clarity of the essay. Each question will have certain Criteria that will have to be met. It is your responsibility to grade these summaries based on these Criteria.

The due date for the summaries to be uploaded is MM/DD/YY at 5:00pm.
After MM/DD/YY at 5:00pm you will be required to log back in and evaluate two of your fellow student’s work.
You will have until MM/DD/YY at 5:00pm to complete the evaluations.