When you have successfully submitted your paper in SafeAssignment, you can verify that your submission has gone through by checking two places in Blackboard: the assignment item where you submitted the paper and your gradebook.

View Submission and Report

1. After you submit your file to the SafeAssign dropbox, you will see a green bar stating that your submission was successful (see Fig. 1).

Fig 1, The SafeAssignment was submitted successfully in the Assignment called "test".

2. To view your submission, click the View/Complete link under your assignment description. This is the same link that you entered when you started your assignment (see Fig 2).

Fig 2, Click the View/Complete link to see your submission and retrieve your Safe Assign report.

3. You will see information about the assignment, your text submission and your original file. When SafeAssign completes the report, you will see your percentage matching and a full report (see Fig. 3)The full report may take up to 48 hours to see, but your instructor will still see that you have submitted the paper.

Fig. 3, When you have submitted your paper, you will be able to see the file and text icons. With some time, you will also see the report.

Verifying Submission Through My Grades

You can also check your grades to see if your Safe Assignment was submitted successfully.

  1. Open your grades (often this is the My Grades tab in your Blackboard class or it can also be accessible through the Tools tab, depending on how your instructor has set it up.
  2. Next to the heading for the assignment, you should see a green box with an exclamation point in it. This indicates that your file has been received.