SafeAssign is an intellectual property checker, something like a spelling or grammar checker, but for quotations and ideas.

As in the regular assignment tool, you can upload a paper to Safe Assign and make comments to your instructor. Unlike the regular assignment tool, you may only upload one document.

In each course, your instructor will deploy a Safe Assign dropbox for you to submit your papers to Safe Assign. Your instructor will give you information on where to access the dropbox to submit your papers. Once you locate the link, click the >>View/Complete hyperlink to start the process.

After clicking >>View/Complete, submit your paper using the following steps (see Fig. 1):

  1. Click Browse. This opens a file browser. Select the file to upload.
  2. (Optional) The student may type in comments to the instructor.
  3. (Depending on the settings on the assignment) The student may be asked to agree to submit the paper to the Global Reference Database.
  4. Click Submit.

    Fig. 1: Page view for submitting a file in SafeAssign.
  5. Note:Safe Assign only works with .docx, .doc , .odt, .txt, .rtf, .html, .htm, and .pdf files.
  6. After clicking Submit, you will receive a notification that your paper has been submitted to SafeAssign.

Additional Information:

  • Students are also given a privacy notice. Students may opt to submit their paper to the Global Database. If students opt in, this means that submissions will be compared to papers submitted by students at other institutions, not just at MU.
  • Files larger than 2MB may fail to submit.
  • To avoid problems, file names should not contain any spaces or special characters such as #, &, etc.
  • To check to make sure your assignment's been submitted, go to My Grades. If there is an exclamation point (!) where your grade should be, that means your assignment has been received.
  • To view your report, enter the assignment and you will see your files, and when it is ready, you will see your report. This is not an immediate process and can take up to 48 hours.
Users experiencing problems with SafeAssign may need to disable third party cookies in their browser. See Related Articles for instructions.