By using the Adaptive Release tool in Blackboard you may allow one, or more, users to access a particular piece of content in your course without allowing anyone else to access the same content.

Note, first, "edit the test options" of the quiz to make sure the quiz is available. This also includes checking that the dates are available for the student who needs to take the quiz.

To set up the Membership function within Adaptive Release

1. Go to the area of your course where the item is located.

Fig. 1, adaptive release option

2. Click on the gray arrow  and choose Adaptive Release (See, Fig. 1).
3. The second section is called Membership
If you would like to choose specific users: Type in or browse for the pawprints of users that you would like to be able to view the item.
Or, if you need to choose specific previously set up Groups: select each group and use the arrow  to move it into the Selected Items area.