Sometimes a student will save their answers but forget to submit during an online quiz. Instructors may submit the quiz for the student.

1. In the Grade Center, you will see an icon that indicates they have a quiz attempt in progress.

2. Use the double down arrows of that cell to view the Attempt (see fig.1).

Fig.1, Using the double down menu in the grading cell to view the attempt.

3. You will see information about the student and that their test status is "in progress" Status: in progress button

4. Click the Test Information link. You will see an option to Clear Attempt or Submit Attempt (see fig. 2). If you would like for the student to start over, click the Submit Attempt button.

Fig. 2, When expanded, the Test Information will show you the Clear Attempt button that will reset the quiz for the student.

5. After clicking Submit Attempt, you will see a window that asks you to confirm the removal of this attempt (see fig. 3).

Fig. 3, Click ok to confirm that you will submit the quiz on behalf of the student.