Beginning a Test

Your instructor must create a link to your Test before you can begin this process. If you aren't able to find a Test, you should ask your instructor about how to find it.

  1. Log in to the Blackboard site containing the test you need to take.
  2. Follow your instructor's directions on how to find the test link. Once you find the link, click it. A new page will display.
  3. On the new page, review any directions from your instructor on how to take the test, and when you are ready, click the Begin button in the lower-right corner. The test will display in your browserwindow (or in a new window, depending on your instructor's configuration).

Variations in Test appearance and behavior

Your instructor has many customizable options when delivering a Test in Blackboard. For example, as noted above, the Test may open in a new window. Your instructor can choose to display all questions at once, or to display questions one at a time. Additionally, instructors can choosefrom several different question types; some of these are fixed-responsequestions (e.g., multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank), and some are open-ended.

 If you have questions about a Test's format, ask the instructor ahead of time.

Submitting your Test

As you are taking a test, you should periodically click the Savebutton for questions you have answered. This records your response in case you are somehow disconnected from the Blackboard server while you are still working. When you have finished the test, click the Submit button to save all of your responses and indicate that you have finished the Test.

 You must click the Submit button to finish a Test. If you do not click Submit, then your instructor will not receive your Test attempt.

Reviewing a previous Test attempt

Your instructor may choose to leave the link for a past Test active, so that you can review previous Test attempts. If the link for a previous test is still active, review your previous attempts by doing the following:

  1. Click the Test link, as you would to begin a Test attempt. The instructor's directions for the Test will display.
  2. Click the Begin button. An error message will display, indicating that you have already submitted an attempt for this Test.
  3. Click OK. The results from your submitted attempt will display, along with any feedback the instructor has supplied for the questions. These may include:
    • The answers you gave for each question.
    • The correct answers for each question.
    • Feedback written by the instructor for each question.

To learn more about taking tests in Blackboard, see Blackboard Help > Tests.