Two Options

An instructor can deliver a test in Blackboard with two options handling how the test is deployed. Force Completion means that you must submit a test after beginning it; you can't return to it later. The Test Timer allows you a certain amount of time to finish a test.

Force Completion

When Force Completion is turned on, you cannot re-enter a test for any reason once you have begun an attempt. If you have problems with your internet connection or computer, and your connection to the Blackboard server is reset, then you cannot finish the attempt you began. For this reason, many instructors opt to use the Test Timer instead.


The Test Timer allows a certain amount of time to finish a test. The instructor determines how much time you will have to finish a test.

Specific notes on Timer behavior

The Timer begins counting down when you click a test's Begin button. The timer does not stop counting for any reason, but it will allow you to leave a test and come back to it later. You do not gain any extra time from this, however. This simply allows you to re-enter a test already in progress if your connection to the Blackboard server is interrupted. Keep in mind: the timer keeps counting whether the Test is open on your computer, or not.

The Test Timer starts counting when you click the Begin button, and it does not stop for any reason. Closing a test window does not allow you extra time.


Your instructor may use the timer's associated feature, Auto-Submit. This feature automatically saves and submits your answers when the timer expires. This allows you to work up until the timer's expiration and prevents you from exceeding the time limit. You should ask your instructor whether he or she has turned this feature on for your test.