What is an e-Portfolio?

A digital collection of authentic and diverse evidence

  • Drawn from a larger archive of work
  • Represents what a person or organization has learned over time and through reflection
  • Designed for presentation to one or more audiences
  • Can contain written assignments, artwork, software, web pages, performances, video, almost anything

Types of e-Portfolios

  • E-resume –Present information to potential employers. This is the most common
  • Assessment - Relate evidence within the e-Portfolio to performance standards defined by an instructor, institution or an accrediting body
  • Teaching - Document teaching effectiveness, experiences for pre service teachers, graduate students, faculty members for promotion and tenure
  • Learning/Personal Development - Document, guide, and advance learning over time or display skills in curricular or extra curricular activities which can be reflected on, and outcomes of that reflection, including plans for future development

What do students do in an e-Portfolio?

  • Collect- a diverse, multi-media set of items that represent learning and experience over time
  • Reflect - on curricular, co-curricular, and non-curricular experiences and accomplishments to integrate and enhance learning
  • Select - subsets to represent different aspects of their identities and experiences
  • Connect - with multiple audiences across multiple contexts for communication, sharing, and feedback

How to start using e-Portfolios

Here are some ideas for using e-Portfolios. Be aware that e-Portfolios are highly customized for different uses and departmental needs. We will work with you to create a solution for you and your department.

  • Goals – What are the Learning Goals/standards used? What do you want students to show you?
  • Structure – How to set it up?
  • Technology – what are the best tools to use? OSP, web pages?
  • Audience – Who will this be for?
  • Uses – How many different uses will there be?
  • Curriculum Review (programs only)