Note: This article describes the option "Force Moderation of Posts" when creating a new forum in the Discussion Board.

Certain circumstances may require an instructor to consider moderating forums in the Discussion Board. Moderation may be appropriate if:

  • Students' work needs to be reviewed privately by the instructor before being shared with the class.
  • Forums allow anonymous posting, and the instructor wants to review new submissions to be sure they are appropriate for class discussion.
  • Students do not demonstrate good netiquette (see the ET@MO Sample Syllabus (.rtf download) for a camera-ready netiquette statement for your syllabus).
  • The course learning objectives necessitate discussion of sensitive topics.

Forum moderation might be appropriate in other situations as well.

Note: Forum moderation is time-intensive. When using it, you (or another instructor/TA) must review every Discussion Board posting before it will appear within a moderated forum. For this reason, avoid using moderation unless there is a compelling need for it.

Turning on forum moderation:

  1. Log in to your Blackboard site and click the Discussion Board link in your Course Navigation (see Fig. 1). The Discussion Board page will display.

    Fig. 1, Course Navigation, including the Discussion Board button

    : As with the rest of the Course Navigation, the Discussion Board button can be renamed. If you have renamed your Discussion Board button, then you will need to account for the changed button name when following these instructions.

  2. In the list of forums, find the forum you wish to moderate, and click its double-down grey arrow to display a pop-up menu.
  3. From the pop-up menu, click Edit. The Edit Forum page will display.
  4. On the Edit Forum page, scroll down to the Forum Settings.
  5. Find the option for Force Moderation of Posts, and click the corresponding check box.

      Fig. 2. Force Moderation of Posts

  6. Make any other desired changes to the forum, and click Submit. This forum will now be moderated.

    Note: You will not be able to practice moderating a forum until there are postings awaiting moderation. Once students have submitted postings for you to approve, please see the following section to learn how to moderate submitted postings. 

Moderating submitted postings

  1. Once you have student postings awaiting moderation, login to your Blackboard site, and click Discussion Board from your Course Navigation. The Discussion Board page will display.
  2. Find the forum you wish to moderate, and click its name in the Forum column. The Forum: [Forum Name] page will display (where [Forum Name] is the name of your forum).
  3. In the upper-right corner of the Forum: [Forum Name] page, click the Moderate Forum  button. The Moderation Queue page will display.

      Fig. 3. Moderate Forum button.

  4. On the Moderation Queue page, a list of posts awating moderation appears. To moderate a post, click its Moderate button. The Moderate Post page will display.
  5. Review the contents of the Message field.
  6. If you want to approve the message, then scroll down to Post Moderation and verify that Set Status is set to Publish, and then click Submit.


    If you want to return the message to the student for revision, then scroll down to Post Moderation and click the radio button to change Set Status to Return. In the field below, type a message to the student explaining how to make the submission acceptable, and click Submit. The student's posting is now visible to all users in the forum.