There are two possible issues. First, make sure that the My Grades tool is available to them in the course menu or on a page. If it is not:

  1. Go to the menu of your course site.
  2. Click on the + sign to expand your menu
  3. Click on Create Tool Link in the menu bar (See, Fig. 1)

    Fig. 1, create tool link

  4. Choose My Grades from the drop down menu and click Submit
  5. If it still does not appear in your course menu, you may need to click the Refresh link found at the top of the course menu.
The other possibility is that one or more columns in the Grade Center are not available to students. Any column that is unavailable should have a Column Not Visible to Users icon  to the left of the name. To make columns available:
  1. Open the Evaluation area of the Control Panel
  2. Open the Grade Center
  3. Click on the Column Menu Icon

  4. Choose Edit Column Information
  5. Set Show this column in My Grades to "Yes"
  6. Optionally, set Show Statistics (average and median) for this column in My Grades to "Yes" if you wish to permit students to compare their scores to the class average.
  7. Click Submit