The Manage menu

The Grade Center's Manage menu allows instructors to:

  • add, modify, or delete Grading Periods (time-constrained views of the gradebook)
  • show, hide, and reorder columns through Column Organization
  • add, modify, and delete Grading Schemas
  • add, modify, and delete Categories
  • add, modify, and delete Smart Views (pre-defined searches or filters for the Grade Center)
  • show and hide individual users via Student Visibility
  • send email to students directly from the Grade Center

Column Organization

Column Organization gives you the ability to show, hide, or reorder the columns in your Grade Center. You may assign columns to particular categories or grading periods, as mentioned above).

To access Column Organization:
  1. Login to your Blackboard course site, and scroll down to the Control Panel (see Fig. 1). From the Control Panel, click Grade Center. The Grade Center category will expand.

    Fig. 1, Control Panel in a Blackboard course site

  2. From the expanded Grade Center category, click Full Grade Center. The Grade Center will display.
  3. Above the Grade Center, find and mouse-over the Manage button (see Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2, Grade Center, Manage button menu

  4. From the Manage menu, click Column Organization. The Column Organization page will display.

In the Column Organization page, the columns of your Grade Center are displayed as rows. The first group of columns displayed will appear in all Grade Center views (see Fig. 3). Typically, these are columns such as Last Name. A column that is labled as (Frozen) means that it will remain visible when you scroll to the left and right in the Grade Center. The First Name and Last Name columns are useful to keep frozen, so that you can see the names of your students as you scroll through the various columns of your Grade Center.
Note: Every row above the dark grey bar (see Fig. 3) is frozen. You can freeze additional rows by moving them above the dark grey bar.

Fig. 3, Sample view of columns visible in all Grade Center views.

Notice the multidirectional arrow symbol  at the left-most end of every row in Column Organization. This indicates that the row can be dragged around. Moving a row in Column Organization toward the top of a list will move its corresponding column in the Grade Center toward the left.

Note: Reordering columns is useful for grouping similar assignments in your Grade Center, or for arranging assignments chronologically by due date.

You can also drag rows in and out of the Shown in All Grade Center Views area. Rows added to this area will cause their corresponding Grade Center columns to be visible in all Grade Center views. If you remove a row from this area, it will be visible only in the view to which you move it (e.g., the Not in a Grading Period area).

Blackboard Overview Part 7: Grade Center