What is a Grading Schema?

The Grading Schema is a feature of the Blackboard Grade Center that displays a letter grade based on the percentage entered into a Grade Center column. For example, you can create a Grade Schema to display an A for students earning between 90.0% and 100% on a test. Additionally,
  • Grading Schemas display different letter grade values for a percentages within a certain ranges (e.g., B for 80%-89.9%)
  • Multiple Grading Schemas can be created to suit various purposes. Using multiple Grading Schemas, you can have a single column whose Grading Schema is different from all other columns (e.g., for an assignment graded on a sliding scale)
  • Grading Schemas can be activated by entering a score manually into a Grade Center column

Creating a Grading Schema

  1. In the Grade Center, find and mouse-over the Manage button (see Fig. 1). A pop-up menu will appear.

    Fig. 1, The Manage button menu in the Grade Center

  2. In the Manage button menu, click Grading Schemas. The Grading Schemas page will display.
  3. In the upper-left corner of the Grading Schemas page, click the Create Grading Schema button. The Create Grading Schema page will display.
  4. In the Name field, type a name for your Grading Schema.
  5. Under Schema Mapping, click the small, left-pointing arrows  under Insert Rows to create enough ranges to accomodate your Grading Schema (see Fig. 2).

    Note: If you create too many rows, you can click the Delete Row  button to remove extras.

    Fig. 2, A standard A-F Grading Schema

  6. Type the lower limit of each range beneath Grades Scored Between, as in Fig. 2.
  7. Beneath Will Calculate As, type the percentage to be recorded when manually entering a letter grade for a column in the Grade Center (in the example in Fig. 2, typing A into the Grade Center column will record a score of 90%).
  8. When you have finished configuring your Grading Schema, click Submit.

Applying a Grading Schema

Grading Schemas must be applied individually to columns in the Grade Center. To apply a Grading Schema:
  1. From the Grade Center, click the double-down arrow  in the header of the column you wish to modify. A pop-up menu will appear (see Fig. 3)

    Fig. 3, Modify column pop-up menu in the Blackboard Grade Center

  2. From the pop-up menu, click Edit Column Information. The Edit Column page will display.
  3. Scroll down to the Primary Display field and click inside the corresponding drop-down menu.
  4. From the drop-down menu, click the name of the Grading Schema you wish to use for this column (see Fig. 4). Only existing Grading Schemas will appear in this list. If yours does not appear in this list, you may not have created it yet. See the above section, Creating a Grading Schema, for more information.

    Note: Only the Primary Display is vislbe to students. Students do not have access to the Secondary Display; it is visible only to users with access to the full Grade Center (e.g., instructors and TAs).

    Fig. 4, Selecting a Grading Schema

  5. Make any other necessary changes to the column information, and click Submit.

Grade Center Grading Schemas and Displays in Blackboard