The Blackboard text editor has a MashUp tool that allows users to embed a Youtube video in a content item, announcement, quiz question, discussion board forum or post, or any other location in Blackboard.

  1. Edit or create an item (see related articles for creating an item, announcement, discussion board forum, or quiz question) so that you have access to the text editor (see Fig 1).

    Fig 1: The picture above shows how to edit an existing content item to access the text editor.
  2. The last icon on the text editor is called the MashUp Tool. This icon has a dropdown list that allows you to embed a YouTube video.
  3. Place your cursor where you would like the video to go within the text of your description.
  4. Choose YouTube Video from the dropdown list in the Mashup Tool (see fig. 2).

    Fig 2: In the image above, the Mashup Tool is circled. For this activity, choose YouTube Video from the drop down list.

  5. The Search Results window will open. This will allow you to search all of the available videos on YouTube (for an unavailable video, see the additional resources below). If you already know the video you want to embed, it is best to search with the exact phrase of the title of the video. Choose Select when you find the video you want.

    Fig. 3: Pictured above is a search result. This user knew the exact title of the video and chose to search with "exact phrase". You can also search with the other options, including "All of the words", "one of the words", or "without the words". Preview will let you view the video in advance, or choose select when you are ready to embed it into Blackboard.

  6. After you choose Select, the Create Mashup Item window will open. You can change the name of the video and the size of the vidow (thumbnail is the most popular choice for use in Blackboard). It is also recommend to Show the YouTube URL so that students may link to the video if they are having trouble viewing it in Blackboard.

  7. After clicking Submit, the video will embed in your text box.