Many content items can be copied between Blackboard course sites. Items, URLs (or links), Content Folders, Learning Modules, and Tool Links can all be copied to another course site. This does not delete the content from the originating course site.

Tests, Assignments, and third-party content (e.g., Building Block links) cannot be copied. See Related Articles below for an alternate process for copying Tests.

You must be in the Instructor role in both the originating and the destination course sites before you can copy content.
  1. In the originating Blackboard site, navigate to the content (e.g., the Item or Folder) that you want to copy. Mouse-over the content link (i.e., the folder or item name). The  symbol will become visible.
  2. Click the  symbol to display a pop-up menu. From the pop-up menu, click Copy. The Copy page will display.
  3. On the Copy page, use the Destination Course drop-down list to choose the course to which the content will be copied.
  4. Next to the Destination Folder field, click the Browse button. A pop-up window will display containing a tree diagram of the destination Blackboard course site. From this diagram, choose the destination folder for the content you are copying. Clicking a destination will close the pop-up window.
  5. If your originating folder contains items which cannot be copied, then you will be able to choose Yes or No for Create links for items which cannot be copied.
    This doesn't usually work. Linking to an Assignment or Test from another Blackboard course site will not create a column in the destination course site's Grade Center. It is recommended that you choose No for this question.
  6. Click Submit. Your content will be copied to the destination course site (less any content that cannot be copied