If you are looking for a Blackboard tool but can't find it in your drop-down menus, it is most likely that the tool is turned off.

To turn on a tool so that you can access it in a content area or in the navigation menu, follow these steps:

  1. In the Control Panel, expand the Customization area.
  2. Choose Tool Availability (see fig. 1). A list of available tools will open.

  3. Fig 1. Choose Tool Availability from the Customization section of the Control Panel.

  4. To make the tool available, find its name in the Tool Availability list. To activate the tool check the box for available and available in content area (see fig. 2).

  5. Fig 2: Some tools will need to be made available in the "available" column. Some will also need to be made available in the "Available in Content Area" column. A good rule of thumb is to make them available in both places in case you need them later.

  6. Click Submit. The tool should now be available as a choice in your navigation menu by clicking "Create Tool Link" or in a content area.

Turning On/Off Blackboard Tools