There are multiple reasons as to why you, your Teaching Assistants, or your students might not be able to access your Blackboard course site.

Please check through the following list to see which one might apply.


  1. You have not yet requested your course site to be set up. To do so please Request your Course Site.
  2. There was an error in setting up the course site.
    1. If you are a Mizzou Online instructor, please contact them at
    2. If you are NOT a Mizzou Online instructor, please contact ET@MO at
  3. You have made the course unavailable to yourself. When you log into Blackboard next to My Courses on the gray colored line you will see a yellow asterisk. Click on the asterisk to see a list of your available and unavailable courses. To make it available choose to display the course name. (See, Fig. 1)

Fig. 1, My Courses asterisk

Note: If you are concerned about a particular student's enrollment, please contact Mizzou Online or ET@MO with the student's name and pawprint.
Note: If you are a student who cannot see your course please contact your instructor.

TA's or additional instructors

The instructor of record, department chair, or MU Direct Course Coordinator must confirm that you may gain access to the course. Please have them email with their request.

An instructor may also enroll additional instructors or TA's on their own by:

  1. First, go to the course site in which you need to enroll your TA.
  2. Go to the Control Panel of your course.
  3. Click on Users and Groups, then on Users.
  4. Click on Find Users to Enroll.
  5. Browse for the user you would like to enroll or, directly enter their pawprint.
  6. Choose the role that you would like the user to have from the drop down menu. (See, Fig. 2)
  7. Then, click Submit.

Fig. 2, Enroll users menu

NOTE: ET@MO takes care of loading all students into their Blackboard course sites by reference number. Please do not enroll students into your course sites that have enrolled in the course via registration.