If your instructor has created a Turnitin assignment, the icon beside the assignment name will look like this:

Click View Assignment to access the assignment. When you’re ready, click Submit to upload your work.

Choose the submission type that your instructor has indicated (if you are submitting a paper, choose File upload; your instructor may have pre-selected the submission type).

Turnitin submission type pull-down menu; choices include Any submission type, File upload, or Text submission.

On the next page you will need to complete the Submision Details:

Submission details interface. Submission type and File to submit are marked with asterisks to indicate that they are required.

  • Provide a descriptive title for your submission; for example, “Final Paper Firstname Lastname.” Your instructor might specify a particular filename format. Avoid using punctuation marks in your title other than dot (.), dash (-), or underscore (_).
  • If the instructor has set the assignment up with multiple parts (for example, a rough draft and a final submission), indicate which part you are submitting.
  • Choose the file from your hard drive, external drive, or cloud storage.
  • Check the box to affirm that the submission is your own work.
  • Click the Submit button. Upon successful submission, you will receive a digital receipt, which you can download or print. You are strongly encouraged to save a copy of your digital receipt.

Digital receipt showing submission author, assignment title, submission title, file name, file size, page count, character count, submission date, and submission ID.