There are a number of tools within Blackboard which can be used to store and display various multimedia. Use the information below to decide which one is best for your needs.

  • Record a lecture
  • Record a pre-lecture
  • Record a quick explanation of a difficult topic

  • Conduct a class session online
  • Conduct a class session with students online and in a classroom
  • Conduct an online review session
  • Group collaboration

  • Store video & audio for use with Blackboard
  • Have instructors and students record (camera only, not desktop)
    and share video & audio

Video Everywhere
  • Allows Instructors and Students to share
    personal YouTube content in their Blackboard site
  • Record video and audio from a webcam and
    post to a content area.
  • Great for student projects, announcments, etc.


  • Create interactive mini lectures
  • Create a discussion around a specific piece of content
  • Records audio and/or video in small clips
  • Great for group discussion

Detailed Feature Comparison

Kaltura Tegrity Video Everywhere Collaborate VoiceThread
Integrated with Blackboard Y Y Y Y Y
Synchronous (live) N N N Y N
Record Computer Screen N Y N Y N
Record Audio Y Y Y Y Y
Record Video from Webcam Y Y Y Y Y
Student Content Y Y Y Y Y
Upload HD Video Y N Y N Y
Upload video (from DVD, etc) Y N N N N
Export to mp3 or mp4 N Y Y, using YouTube Y Y
Share content with public Y Y Y Y Y
Edit Content N Y, limited Y, using YouTube N Y
Share on multiple Blackboard courses Y Y Y Y Y