1. Open up your canvas app.

2. Select the course.

3. Select My Media.  You may have to scroll down to see the My Media Tab.

4. Click on the blue "Add New" button.

5. Select Media Upload

6. Click on the blue “Choose a file to upload” button.

7. Select where you would like to upload media from.

8.Choose the file you would like to upload.

9. Once you select a file it will automatically begin the upload process.  A blue bar will appear and when completed the bar will turn Green with an upload complete notification below it.

10.  Scroll down and fill out the information you desire.  You must enter a name to upload a file.

11.  Once you are satisfied with the information you have entered make sure to hit the blue "save" button or the file will not be uploaded to your canvas account.

12.  After you hit save a loading symbol will appear briefly.

13.  If you wish to upload another file after that you can scroll to the bottom of the page and select the "Choose another file" button and start again from step 7.

If you select the blue "back" link it will bring you back to the media that has been previously uploaded.

To view the media you have just uploaded select the blue "Go to Media" link.  

If you want to go to all the media you have uploaded select the blue "Go to My Media" link.

14. Once you have uploaded all the files you desire go to the bottom of the page and hit the blue "back" link and you will be brought to My Media