Note: Please be patient, we are in the process of creating videos to show how to use My Media

Kaltura is a 3rd party tool used to display and embed audio and video content in both Blackboard and Canvas.  When content is uploaded, the user's pawprint is given the role of content owner.  My Media is a place to view all owned and co-publisher content. Content uploaded via Blackboard is visible in the Canvas My Media Link and vice versa. 

Blackboard:  To Access the My Media link, when you first log into Blackboard, located on right-hand side is the My Media Module.  Click the link to view Kaltura Content.  

Canvas: Every Canvas course is created with a My Media link and a Media Gallery link.  It is important to understand the difference.  In a course, if user A clicks on My Media, user A see only her content. And if user B clicks on My Media, he sees only his content.  So, the Media Gallery is the place for shared content.  Instructors and students can upload to the Gallery and see each others' content.   

If an instructor chooses to hide the My Media link in a course by going to the Settings > Navigation and dragging the My Media link to hide it, then it will not be available for the instructor to access.  However, the My Media link can be accessed by going to Account > Settings and clicking My Media.  

Private versus Public Media:  In My Media, you may see the label of media being Private or Public.  Private means the media has not been Published in a course.  Public means the media has been published or embedded in a course.  It DOES NOT mean the media is Public to the world.