1.  Click on the Course you need to submit the assignment in

2.  Click on Assignments button

3.  Select the assignment you need to upload to.

4.  Click on the Submission tab.

Once you are in the assignment page you will see this screen shown above. This page will give the title of the assignment and a description if one is provided.  Along with a due date, if one had been assigned.

5.  Click on Turn In link

6.  Choose Media recording

7.  Choose the type you would like to upload.  Record video or Choose a video

8.  Find the video you wish to upload in your phones photo library.  

9.  Once you choose the video you want it will automatically begin the upload indicated by a loading bar near the top of the screen.  

10.  When the upload is complete you will see the following screen (Fig 1.) with submission details along with the option to turn in the assignment again if need be.

Fig 1. submitted assignment page