Note: If you have not set up a grading scheme for your course, please see How do I enable a grading scheme for a course? (Canvas Guide for Instructors) before proceeding.

Verifying Grades - Instructor Checklist

  1. Do NOT leave any cells blank.
    • Enter a 0 (zero) for any blank cells where the student has not completed an assessment.
    • Enter a EX (for exempt) for any cells where the student has been exempted from an assessment.
    • Any columns that are completely blank should be either deleted, or removed from the final grade calculation
  2. Make sure that Mute Assignment is turned OFF.
  3. Do NOT use the Treat Ungraded as 0 feature. This only affects your personal grades view, not the actual grade of the student.

Other Tips

  1. Check each assignment to verify that the points possible is correct. If these are incorrect, grade calculations will be off. Columns that are used for extra-credit should always be worth zero points. 
  2. If you are weighting grades, verify that the weights and other settings for each assignment group are correct. See for details on weighting. You may edit each group to determine the number of high or low scores to drop if any.
  3. Note - if you make a change in Canvas you will need to Publish the grades again.

Pushing the final grades from Canvas

  1. Verify that your students' final grades appear correctly in the Total column. If you prefer to do your grading in Excel and upload final scores to Canvas, see: Uploading final grades from an Excel file.
  2. From the grade book view click the Settings button on the top, right corner of the spreadsheet.
  3. Select the Publish Grades to SIS option from the dropdown menu  (See Fig. 1). Note: SIS stands for "Student Information System." At MU, the SIS is myZou.

    Publish Grades to SIS

    Fig. 1, Publish grades to SIS (myZou)

  4. Click the Publish grades to SIS button. (See, Fig. 2).
    Fig. 2, Grade Publishing page.

  5. Click OK in the confirmation dialog (See, Fig. 3).
    Fig. 3, Publish grades confirmation box.

  6. Wait for the status to change from Unpublished to Pending, and then to Published. The number of users/grades that were published will also appear. This reflects the total number of users/grades in the whole course, not in any given section. 
  7. When it switches to Published, you are ready to finish things up on the MyZou side.

Submitting Final Grades (myZou Side)

  1. Login to myZou with your PawPrint ID and password at
  2. Go to the myZou Faculty Center and click on the Grade Roster icon for your course (See, Fig. 4).
    Fig. 4, Choosing the Grade Roster

  3. Click the get grades from canvas buttonThe Roster Grade column will populate with grades from the Canvas Total column (See, Fig. 5).
    Fig. 5, The grade roster

  4. Confirm the grades for each student in the Roster Grade column. You may change any grade in this column from the pull-down menu next to the letter grade.
  5. Click the Save button on the lower right side of the page.
  6. When satisfied with the appearance of the roster, change Approval Status to Approved (See, Fig. 6)
    Fig. 6, Approval Status menu

  7. Click Save again to save the approved grades. 
  8. If you have additional sections to import, click the Change Section button to return to the list of rosters and repeat from step 2, above. Because Canvas has already exported all of the grades for the whole course site, you do not need to repeat the steps in Submitting Final Grades (Canvas Side), unless each section has a different grading scheme (e.g., one is an undergrad section and the other is a graduate section).

For questions or comments, please write to or call 573-882-3303.