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Using another instructor's Canvas site materials

Modified on: Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 11:48 AM

Instructors who agree to share content can follow the Self-Service instructions below, or submit a request to have the content copied for them. Both instructors must be included in the request that is emailed to canvas@missouri.edu. 

Course Design & Technology will not copy an instructor's Canvas site for another instructor without express written permission from the original instructor. Any disagreements should be taken to the department chair or unit director. Educational Technologies will abide by the chair or director's decision.


When an instructor agrees to share their Canvas content, you can follow these self-service steps to copy the content into your site. 

  1. Ask the previous instructor to email canvas@missouri.edu to have you added to their course site.
  2. Accept the invitation to the site on your Canvas Dashboard.
  3. Click on the course card for the (new) course where you want to copy the content.
  4. On the course navigation menu, click the Settings button.
  5. Click the Import Course Content button on the right menu
  6. In the Content Type drop down menu, select the Copy a Canvas Course option.
  7. Begin typing the Canvas site title in the Search for a course field.  Titles will begin to appear in an auto-populated dropdown list.
  8. Click on the Canvas title that you want to copy..
  9. Choose the All Content radio button to copy the entire site's content or Select specific content to select content items individually.
    NOTE: Choosing Select specific content will prompt you to select content after clicking the Import button.
  10. Optionally, check the box to Adjust events and due dates.
  11. Click the Import button.
  12. Content is copied when it appears in the Current Jobs list with the Completed badge.
  13. The instructor can remove you from their Canvas site after you've completed these steps.
  • Mizzou Online Courses

    Canvas sites for Mizzou Online courses may be copied on the authority of a Mizzou Online program coordinator. Submit requests to canvas@missouri.edu. Include the title and semester of the course site to be copied and the title and semester of the course site to receive the content.

    Orphaned Canvas Sites

    Requests for a copy of a Canvas site that was taught by an instructor who is no longer at the university or unavailable for contact will be confirmed with the department chair or unit director.

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