Tegrity recordings can be moved  from one Tegrity course to another Tegrity course.  You must be an instructor or TA in both courses to move recordings.  Please Note: When moving recordings from an old class to a new one, please choose Move instead of Copy as not to duplicate the recordings on the Tegrity server. We are charged based on Recording Hours.

Moving Tegrity Recordings from one Tegrity Canvas course to another Tegrity Canvas course.

  1. Go to a Canvas course and click the Tegrity Classes link. By default the Tegrity Classes link is hidden.  To unhide, select Setting > Navigation.  Drag up the Tegrity Classes link.  Click Save.  You may need to scroll down to find the Save Button. 
  2. When Tegrity opens, Click on Courses (located in the upper-left) to view all your Tegrity Classes. Your Canvas Courses will be listed under Active Courses.
  3. Select the Tegrity class that contains the recordings to be moved.
  4. Find the recordings you want to move and select the check box to the far right of the recording title. To select all recordings, check the very top box located to the right of Recording Tasks.
  5. In the upper-right corner of the Tegrity window, select the Recording Tasks drop-down menu, and then select Move. Please wait as a windows loads in the middle of the Tegrity window.
  6. Notice the list of courses in the window. Select the destination course for your Tegrity recordings.  Click OK

Moving Tegrity Recordings from a past Blackboard Tegrity Course to current Canvas Tegrity courses.  

In order to do this you must be an instructor or TA in both courses, and you must done one recording in the Blackboard Tegrity Course. The Blackboard Tegrity Courses will be located under the Past Courses tab.  The below video will show the process for transferring the recordings. NOTE: If you don't see the Blackboard course please contact tegrity@missouri.edu with the name of the past Blackboard course and the Canvas course to which you need the recordings transferred. 

Note: It may take several minutes for the recordings to finish moving or copying. Please be patient, and email tegrity@missouri.edu  if your wait seems excessive.