Recordings are retained for three years

Tegrity recordings will be kept on the Tegrity server for a period of three years. This policy covers recordings in academic course sites, organization sites, and instructors' private sites. For example, recordings in sites from the summer semester 2012 and earlier that are not being used will be deleted at the close of summer semester 2015.

Instructors will not be notified when recordings are going to be deleted.

Things to Consider

  1. If you are currently linking to recordings located previous semesters Tegrity courses,  move the recording to the current Tegrity course. This allows the students to use the Tegrity Android and iOS app to view the Recordings. See our help article on How to Move Recordings.
  2. If you want to archive or download the recordings, we suggest the recordings be downloaded via iTunes podcast and uploaded to Kaltura for permanent storage. We currently have unlimited space on the Kaltura server.

NOTE The downloaded podcast will only have the instructional recording (the recording of the desktop).  If you would like help downloading Tegrity Recordings and uploading to Kaltura. Please email