1. You must have administrator privileges on your computer to install the Tegrity Recorder.
  2. Login to your Canvas Course and click on Tegrity Classes. When the Tegrity window opens, Click on "Start a Recording." 
  3. If you haven't installed the newest Mac Recorder since the July 2014 upgrade, the Tegrity Recorder may launch along with the below notice stating you need to upgrade.  Close the Tegrity Recorder and perform the upgrade.
  4. It is important that you follow the steps below, especially step 4, in which you click the Record button to launch the Recorder the first time.
  5. After installing the Tegrity Recorder, the next time you click Start a Recording, the Tegrity Recorder will launch.

Changes to the Mac Recorder since the December  2013 upgrade: Audio setting are now on the Recorder, not in the System Preferences. You can 1) Adjust the Volume level and 2) Choose your microphone from the drop down menu.