Tegrity Recordings go through an upload process that is essential for later streaming. Before a recording can be watched online, it must be uploaded from your local computer to the Tegrity server. In order for a Tegrity recording to be uploaded, you must ensure that your computer is both fully on (not in "sleep" mode) and is maintaining a stable internet connection. Please run through the following to ensure successful uploads.

  1. Ensure your computer is on and "awake."
  2. Your computer must be powered on and not in sleep mode to properly upload the Tegrity recording. If a wired computer is off or a wireless computer is in sleep mode, you will not have an Internet connection and the recording will not upload.

  3. Verify that you have an Internet connection.
  4. Make sure that you're connected and you have access to the Internet. Uploading Tegrity recordings on Wi-Fi will take slightly longer due to latency associated with wireless connections. If the computer doesn’t have Internet connection for longer than 24 hours, the recordings may have to be re-queued for re-upload.

  5. Check on recording upload progress on your computer.
  6. The Tegrity application on your computer will keep track of upload progress automatically. 

    How to Monitor Upload: Windows      How to Monitor Upload: Mac
  7. Check on recording upload progress online.
  8. Within your Canvas course, click on the Tegrity Classes button. Within your Tegrity class listing you will see your recordings and their respective statuses. For recordings that have their names greyed-out and a status listed, please refer to our article on 

    Tegrity Recording Status Explanations.