1. Start by clicking the Tegrity Classes link in your Canvas course menu. Note: Please plug in or turn on your microphone before launching the Tegrity Recorder.
  2. Once you access Tegrity, you will see the Start a Recording button in the top right. This will launch the Tegrity Recorder.

  3. If you have not installed the Tegrity recorder, Tegrity will prompt you to install this and any other plugins that are necessary to run Tegrity on your computer. Please allow these plugins to install. If you have any trouble installing the necessary components to run Tegrity, contact Tegrity Support listed on this page.

  4. From the Tegrity Recorder window, recording can be uploading into any course in which you are an instructor or TA. You can also change the title.
  5. Test your audio by clicking the TEST AUDIO button. This will launch the Tegrity Recorder Test. If you do see the volume level rising, move the slider so your volume is a strong green while talking. Because the volume of the voice fluctuates, it is OK if the level moves into the Yellow or even peaks in the Red, but a volume level that lives in the Red will be distorted and unusable. Start the test, then stop and play it back. Remember, the volume you are hearing during the playback is also affected by the speaker volume of the computer. When you are satisfied with the level, click Close. Go to Step 8.


  6. If you are not able to hear your voice when you play the test, you may need to check your audio settings. Do this by clicking on the Settings button on the main Tegrity Recorder window. This will launch the Tegrity Recorder settings popup window. In the drop down box by Default audio source: select your audio device. Example: if you are using a USB headset, it should be listed. Select it and then click Save and Close. Now you can test the Volume level in Step 5. 

  7. When your microphone is working properly, you are ready to record your presentation. Click the Record button at the bottom of the Tegrity Recorder window.

  8. After clicking Record, you will see the Recording Toolbar appear at the bottom of your screen. Your Screen may fade to black before the Recording starts.
  9. When you are done, stop your recording by clicking the square on the Recording Toolbar. You will receive a  message that asks if you would like to Upload, Preview, or Delete your recording. Choose Upload and click Yes. You will receive an email when the recording has been uploaded.