Once an instructor makes the decision to use iClicker, the instructor will have access to training and support. The instructor will have assistance via workshops and individual consultations with ET@MO staff.

Obtain iClicker Equipment and Training

  1. Send an email to iclickers@missouri.edu with your name, course, section and the classroom in which you will be teaching.
  2. A staff member from Educational Technologies will contact you to provide training for using iClicker and help you integrate it into your curriculum.
  3. You will receive a free instructor kit that includes:
    • 1 receiver
    • 1 instructor remote
    • 1 student remote
    • iClicker Software

Add iClicker to Your Textbook Order

After you've had a consultation with Educational Technologies, contact the Mizzou Store to add iClicker to your bookstore order. 

  1. Email umtextadoptions@umsystem.edu and include the department name, course number and section number in both the subject line and body, This way students will know whether to purchase an iClicker Cloud subscription or an iClicker 2 physical remote when they buy textbooks.
  2. Notify students on or before the first day of class that will need to either buy a physical iClicker or purchase a iClicker cloud license for the course.

Student Cost for iClicker

  • An iClicker bundle from the bookstore costs approximately $62.00. The bundle includes a physical clicker remote AND a 5-year subscription to iClicker Cloud. 
  • An iClicker Cloud subscription can be purchased directly from iClicker. Pricing is available here.
  • The iClicker Cloud subscription can be used with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device.
  • iClicker remotes and iClicker Cloud can be used in any other course that is using iClicker.

iClicker also offers a multitude of support documents which you may find extremely helpful. In particular, we strongly recommend utilizing the Quick Start Kit. It includes templates, guides and troubleshooting tips which will ensure that your students are equipped to get support if and when they need it. We would encourage you to post those resources in your course site.