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Requesting a Canvas site

Modified on: Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 1:32 PM

Instructors can request a Canvas site for a class using our online form. Instructors must be listed as the instructor of record in MyZou to be able to use the form. Requests for organization sites are processed according to these instructions
  1. Go to https://courses.missouri.edu
  2. Scroll down to the Request Course Sites section (See, Fig. 1). 
  3. Click the red Canvas Site Request button.

    Fig. 1, REQUEST COURSE SITES section of courses.missouri.edu

  4. Log in to the form with your PawPrint ID and password.
  5. You will see a list of previously requested sites. Click the blue Continue button to access the form.  
  6. Select the semester for the class in the Semester dropdown menu. Instructors who need a Canvas site for a future semester that is not in the Semester dropdown menu, can choose Development/Sandbox (See, Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2, Semester dropdown menu   
  7. Select the single course for which you are requesting a Canvas site.
    Note: You are requesting a single Canvas course site.  You must submit the form multiple times if you would like multiple Canvas course sites.
  8. Select if you would like section numbers displayed in the Canvas course title.
  9. If needed, change the availability dates for your course.  The default setting is to open the week prior to classes starting and to close two weeks after the semester ends.
  10. Select what sections of student to enroll in the course site
    • Select any additional sections of students that you would like loaded into the same Canvas course site (See, Fig, 3). This may include other sections of the same course (Ex. ED_LPA 9442 - 02) or cross-listed sections of the course (Ex. ED_LPA 4442 - 01).
    • Select any additional users listed in MyZou that you want to have access to your Canvas course site (See, Fig, 3).
      Fig. 3, Select your cross-listed sections (if any) and users.
  11. You can also enter additional information. For example, you can tell us a section of students is missing from your listing that you need to have cross-listed.
  12. Click the blue Next button.
  13. Review your request. Click the blue Confirm button.

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