1. In Top Hat, make sure the course is available. (There should be a green checkmark in the Course Availability Tab.)

2. Click the Students tab at the top.

3. Click the blue Invite Students button.

4. Click Pending Students.

5. Check the names of any students (or check the box to the left of Email to select all).

6. Click the email icon below Pending Students.

(Alternately, individual invites may be sent out one-at-a-time by clicking the "Invite" button for each student, or the "Email all" button.)

7. Your students will receive an email like this (See, Fig. 1)


Fig. 1, Top Hat email

8. Students will then click the link either to create a New Account or to join a class with an Existing Account.

New Account

1. Students without an account will be taken to a page like this (See, Fig. 2)

a. Click Yes, that's right.

b. Students may choose their own Top Hat username and determine how their name appears in Top Hat but cannot change their email, as the email address is used to link their Blackboard and Top Hat accounts (See, Fig. 3).


Fig. 2, Top Hat new account


Fig. 3, Top Hat new account details

Existing Account

1. Students with an account will be taken to a page like this (See, Fig. 4)

a. After logging on, the student will be taken to the course.

b. Note that students with existing accounts registered under a different email address with Top Hat, they will need to change it in their account settings by:

i. Clicking their name at the upper right of the Top Hat.
ii. Choosing My Account.
iii. Changing the address in the email field.
iv. Then clicking "Save".


Fig. 4, Top Hat existing account Login