We have included some FAQ's below and the attached files below will assist you as you create your iClicker account or register your clicker.

Visit https://community.macmillan.com/community/iclicker-support/iclicker-student-support/pages/iclicker-reef-student-application if you need further support.

FAQ’s for Registration/iClicker Setup

If I buy iClicker Reef do I still need an iClicker remote to vote?

First, you need to know what your instructor allows. If your instructor allows use of laptops or smartphones and you purchase a iClicker Reef subscription you will not need to purchase an i>clicker remote.

Where do I register my iClicker remote?

If your instructor is using the iClicker Cloud software and you are using an i>clicker remote to participate, you need to log into your free iClicker Reef account and click on the menu icon on the top-left corner. Next, you will need to click on Profile, and Register Clickers. There, you will enter the Clicker ID for your remote: the 8-character code found on the sticker on the remote. If your instructor is using the i>clicker software in class, you will need to register your i>clicker remote at iclicker.com or within your school's grade and course software. Check with your instructor or your syllabus for directions.

Can I create multiple iClicker Reef accounts in order to use the 2-week trial multiple times?

No. There is no way to combine scores from different iClicker Reef accounts. In order to participate using your computer or smart device and earn points for an entire semester, you will need to purchase a iClicker Reef subscription.

iClicker says my Reef subscription ended, what do I do now?

There is no cost to open or maintain a iClicker Reef account. You do, however, need to pay for a iClicker Reef subscription if you plan to use your laptop or smart device to participate in class polls or if you choose to use your session history as a study guide. You can purchase a iClicker Reef subscription by visiting reef-education.com and logging into your iClicker Reef account, then follow the prompts or you can purchase a subscription through the App Store or Google Play. The campus bookstore may also sell iClicker Reef subscription codes or you may have received one if you purchased an i>clicker remote. You can enter those codes by logging into your iClicker Reef account, clicking the Menu icon, and choosing Enter Access Code.

How do I make a Reef subscription payment?

You can extend your iClicker Reef subscription at any time, there is no need to wait until your subscription expires. For web credit card or iOS/Android in-app purchases, navigate to the Subscriptions section in the main navigation panel. Click or tap on the remaining subscription time for the account and you will be presented with a list of purchase options ranging from 6-months to 4-years. If you have an access code, this code must be entered from the web application. Log into your account at app.reef-education.com then select the Enter Access Code option from the main navigation panel. This option is not supported in either the iOS or Android app.

I can’t find my institution or my course.

Make sure you are spelling your institution correctly. Check with your instructor to be sure you are entering your information correctly.

Visit http://support.reef-education.com if you need further support.