Publisher Applications

Textbook publisher and other organizations often offer online tools to augment and improve teaching and learning. Because many of these are hosted off-site (in the cloud) and store FERPA-protected data, prior approval is required for their use. If you plan to use one of these tools, please check the list of Currently Support Third-Party Tools on MU's Canvas Instance. If the publisher and application is on the list, please contact for details about setting it up for your course.

If the tool and/or publisher are not currently on the list, please contact ET@MO at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester by doing the following:

  1. Send an email to that includes the following information:
    • Classes for which you wish to use the tool
    • Publisher name and contact information
    • A description of the application and what it is intended to do
    • What you know about the student information that will be stored, transmitted, uploaded, modified or retrieved from the application
  2. ET@MO will review the request and coordinate with the Division of IT, the Registrar and Business Services to ensure:
    • There isn't a tool already in use that covers that function
    • Information security requirements are met
    • A contract is executed with the publisher to safeguard the FERPA data

These tools are not authorized for use until they are approved in accordance with UM Business Policy 1204 and appear on the approved publisher/tool list.

For more on cloud computing, see: Notes on Cloud Services for MU Faculty.